Aims and Objectives Task

The following aims and objectives were set for one hour taster sessions NOTE: AMEND THIS

TopicFirst Aid for Young People
 Aim:   To encourage participants to consider learning essential first aid skills 
 Objectives.       For people to understand First Aid Introduction to St. Andrew’s First Aid To show that everyone can make a difference to someone requiring first aid attention  
 Aim:    To provide the knowledge and basic skills required to effectively communicate with others 
 Objectives.        List the different types of communication            availableBe able to recognise the essential skills required to become an effective communicatorHave an understanding of the pitfalls when communicating with othersIdentify what are good practices when communicating with othersBe able to put into practice the advice given during today’s training. 


  • Are these objectives clear and specific? 
  • Do you think they can be achieved in 1 hour?
  • Can you tell what the course content will be from the aim and objectives?
  • How do you think you could improve the aim and objectives?