Example Group Work Activity Plan

You will need to complete a Group Work Activity plan, here is an example from the group described in the group profile topic:

The Objective of the activity is for participants to develop a basic understanding of mentoring

 5 mins    IntroductionsI’m glad I’m here today because…ParticipantsEnsures a positive start to the session
 5 mins    What is mentoring?BrainstormingWhite board
Hand out on mentoring
Record of what is on white board and handout is emailed to participants so can refer to it during next activity
12 mins     Group discussion Split into 3 groups as directed. Each group given different question to discuss and feed back on to full groupBreak out rooms
Questions for each group
Note of discussion
Admin worker will manage break out rooms
8 mins      Full group feedbackFull group feedback discussion. Participant feeding back from each group. Facilitator to sum up, provide sign posting information and close