Review and evaluation of CPD activity

This is where you reflect on what you have done in terms of CPD and review your action plan considering how you and your practice have developed. Also thinking about what barriers you have had to overcome and what, if anything, prevented you from achieving your set goals.

When reviewing your CPD activity think in terms of what you said you would do – this is in your CPD plan. What you did and what you learned from it. This is in your CPD record. What you were unable to do and why you were unable to do it. Think also in terms of did you meet the timescales you set. Also think about how your practice has developed as a result of your CPD activity. You also need to think about whom else was involved in your CPD activity – this might be colleagues, line manager or an assessor.

The assessment task for this outcome requires you to write a 750-word report where you review and evaluate your CPD activity and reflect on how you have developed and what you have learned.

You should look at each of your CPD activities in turn and the goals you set yourself, you should:

  1. Describe what went well and what did not go well. Here you are analysing the activity and the goals you set. Think about any problems you encountered, did you have to change your plan? Were there things you were unable to do? Were there unexpected learning opportunities? Say a little about these.
  2. Describe what you have learnt about yourself by completing this activity. Consider what new knowledge and skills you have acquired. Also consider any changes in your attitudes or behaviour as a result of your learning activity.
  3. Describe what you would do differently if you had to do this activity again. Here you are reflecting on your learning from CPD activity, consider how your practice has developed as a result of your learning and development. What might you do differently in the future as a result of your learning from CPD activity? Comment on the value of keeping a CPD record, making specific reference to managing your CPD and your ability to meet targets both in terms of goals and time management.